Small Grains

Small grains have always been the backbone of our business. We take great pride in offering proven varieties from the public breeding program at Virginia Tech as well as other select partners. All of our small grain seed is grown, cleaned, and conditioned here at Featherstone Farm Seed.

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Wheat Varieties

  • Featherstone VA258

    Featherstone VA258

  • USG 3120

    USG 3120

  • USG 3251

    USG 3251

  • USG 3555

    USG 3555

  • Featherstone 73

    Maturity: Medium

    Traits: Our newest exclusive variety! Awnless, excellent standability and yield! Outstanding winter hardiness and a good disease package.

  • Featherstone VA258

    Maturity: Medium

    Traits: Broadly adapted, smooth head, medium-tall plant with excellent straw strength. Disease resistance to: powdery mildew, leaf rust, wheat soil-borne mosaic virus, and scab. Top performer in 2 & 3 year VA and NC grain tests. #1 Forage wheat in Virginia.

  • USG 3197

    Maturity: Medium

    Traits: High yield potential

  • USG 3316

    Maturity: Medium

    Traits: Great scab resistance

  • USG 3895

    Maturity: Medium

    Traits: Medium-short height, awned, great standability and stripe rust resistance

  • Hilliard

    Maturity: Early

    Traits: Broadly adapted variety with high yield potential, medium stature (34-38 inches), later heading date, and excellent straw strength. Resistant to powdery mildew, Barley and Cereal Yellow Dwarf Viruses and moderately resistant to leaf rust, leaf blotch caused by Septoria tritici and Stagnosopora nodorum, and glume blotch caused by S. nodorum. Hilliard is resistant to Hessian fly biotypes B, C, and D, but susceptible to biotype O and L.

Barley Varieties

Atlantic Barley

  • Secretariat

    Maturity: Moderately early

    Traits: High yield, high test weight, short stature, six row winter barley having good winter hardiness. The spikes are erect, strap, and slightly waxy with no overlapping lateral kernels and short awns. Great for feed, food, and fuel ethanol purposes. It is resistant to all prevalent diseases with the exception of Scab.

  • Thoroughbred

    Traits: High yielding, full season, awned, six-row hulled winter feed barley having very good straw strength, high test weight and bright plump seed.

Oats Varieties


  • Brooks

    Maturity: Medium early

    Traits: Medium height, excellent yield, fair lodging resistance. Good winter hardiness, tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus and good resistance to soil borne mosaic virus. Data indicates at least 25% advantage in pounds of protein per acre over most other varieties. Good smut resistance.

  • Winter Oats

    Description: Winter oats are available for seed or feed.

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