We offer all corn varieties that are available through Pioneer, Augusta, Armor, and Axis seed companies. The varieties featured here are ones that we grow and recommend for this area based on their extreme drought tolerance and high-end yield potential.

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Corn Varieties

  • P1197

    Maturity: 111

    Traits: High yield potential, short plant/ear height, outstanding plant health, exceptional stalk strength

  • P1498

    Maturity: 114

    Traits: HX1, LL, RR2, Optimum AQUAmax drought tolerance

  • P1637

    Maturity: 116

    Traits: Extremely stable across all soil types. Robust plant with exceptional roots, stalks and early brittle snap tolerance. Above average test weight and grain quality. Long ear is well protected by the husk and will flex well with population.

  • Augusta 0720

    Maturity: 111

    Traits: Excellent drought tolerance, high top end yield potential, good ear flex

  • Augusta 5664

    Maturity: 114

    Traits: Excellent drought tolerance, high yield potential, good ear flex, high feed value

  • Augusta 5566

    Maturity: 116

    Traits: Excellent drought tolerance, high yield potential, good ear flex, good choice for silage

  • Augusta 7767

    Maturity: 117

    Traits: Extremely high yield potential and test weight

  • Axis 64D25

    Maturity: 114

    Traits: Drought guard. Excellent yield and drought tolerance.

Grain Sorghum

  • Pioneer

    Maturity: 90-120

    Traits: Grain sorghum is an option for fields that tend to dry slowly in the spring and require later planting dates that are more suited to sorghum than to corn. It is more drought tolerant than either corn or soybeans, making it a viable option for fields that are prone to drought. It also uses less nitrogen than corn, but produces similar yields on marginal soils.

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