Grass & Cover

Whether you are seeding a pasture, planting a cover crop, or just looking to feed the wildlife in your area, we have a wide selection of grass and cover crop seeds available. Only a few varieties are listed here, so if do not see what you are looking for, be sure to give us a call.

Grass & Cover Varieties

  • Hairy Vetch

    Description: Hairy vetch is a viny, annual legume forage that can contribute to grass, hay, silage, or greenchop systems and is used extensively as a green manure crop. When used as a pasture crop, it can be mixed with small grains or annual ryegrass. Hairy vetch is more winter-hardy than common vetch.

  • Red Clover

    Description: Will grow on wide variety of soil types, from sandy loams to silty clay loams of from moderate to high levels of fertility. It is relatively easy to establish and will grow on soils too acidic or too wet for alfalfa. It is a short-lived perennial which persists for only 1.5 - 3 years.

  • Ladino Clover

    Description: Long-lived perennial cool-season legume spread by stolons. Plants are leafy and are 8 to 12 inches tall. Leaves and stems are non-hairy. Ladino is a taller-growing form of white clover.

  • Tall Fescue

    Description: Perennial, long-lived bunchgrass with short rhizomes; shiny, dark green leaves with prominent veins. Grows 2 to 4 feet tall in seed head stage. Tolerant of soil acidity, low fertility, and poor drainage, and relatively tolerant of drought and overgrazing.

  • Orchardgrass

    Description: Cool-season, perennial, tall-growing, bunchgrass that grows in clumps and produces an open sod. It starts growth early in spring, develops rapidly, and flowers during May. Although shade-tolerant, it also grows well in full sunlight.

  • Pearl Millet

    Description: High nutritive-value summer-annual forage crop, very drought tolerant, does not tolerate water-logged soils.

  • Sunflowers

    Description: Clearfield hybrid sunflowers and wildlife sunflowers are available.

  • Wildlife Mixes

    Description: A variety of wildlife food plot blends are available.

  • Alfalfa

    Description: Roundup Ready varieties of WL, Pioneer, and Dairyland Alfalfa are available. Alfalfa is a very palatable and productive herbaceous perennial legume. It is high yielding and high in quality, but requires high fertility and large quantities of water for optimum productivity. It is grown primarily for hay, but can be ensiled, or used as pasture, either alone or in combination with grasses.

  • BMR Sorgum Sudangrass

    Description: A low lignin, highly digestable, warm-season annual grass. It is harvested as a forage crop, with yield potentials similar to that of corn. It does especially well on land that is not productive enough for corn or where spring planting conditions are delayed due to cold/wet spring conditions. Has a flexible planting date and very low pesticide/herbicide requirements.

Looking for a Specific Variety?

In addition to the varieties listed here, we can also deliver other Grass & Cover products upon request.

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